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What if I need to modify my order?
If you made a mistake, or forgot an item you should contact us immediately via email or live chat. Because order processing is prompt, we cannot guarantee that the order can be modified, but will try to do our best if order has not yet been completed.
What if I need to change my shipping address?
You should select the correct address during checkout, if the address you selected is wrong communicate to us via live chat or email and we will respond letting you know if a change in the shipping address is still doable.
Can I get same express delivery?
In the checkout section you can choose standard & express delivery. The difference is reflected in the price and timing the products will reach your destination.
How much does shipping to my country cost?
The shipping for each country varies, please refer to the Shipping Calculator page to find out exact shipping costs & estimated delivery.
Is my credit card transaction safe?
We accept all credit cards and have a secured sockets layer (SSL) installed. SSL relies on encryption to make any transaction private. The encryption used prevents those with malicious intent from intercepting transactions as innocent as your search queries… or as dangerous as your credit card information.
Why you don't accept Paypal as payment method?
We don't use Paypal because the transaction fees for merchants are very steep. If you prefer to pay by bank transfer when products have arrived, we generally ask you to send us an email explaining this as an act of good faith. We are happy to give you the trust however we cannot process unpaid orders if you are a new customer and your order exceeds a certain value. If you have chosen bank transfer as payment option we ask you to send us the transfer proof so we can process your order in prompt timing.
What payment systems do you accept?
Visa, Mastercard, Sofort and direct Wire Transfer are options we have enabled in our shop.
Products harvesting & expiration date
We distribute only products of the last harvest and do not sell dates & other products with a overdue expiration date. If by any chance we have old harvest dates available we will clearly state it in our shop and reduce the price. As a practice however we work with : New Harvest In = Old Harvest Out !
How should I store the products
Dates Product store well in the fridge and freezer. You should store softer Dates in the freezer if you plan to bulk up on a relative large quantity. Why? The freezing temperatures allow for the Date to retain all its juices and state of quality.
Are the products organic?
Among the products we distribute we have certified organic items. Due to bureaucratic bypassing we prefer not to Label our products as organic, even when they are! For more information refer to our article To Bio or Not to Bio

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