About Us


DATTESCO, formerly DateCoop was setup by Ivan Bonafè, a world-traveller, chef, permaculture researcher and pioneer of the health food movement in Europe. He has lived and worked in Europe, New Zealand & Australia, Asia and the Americas. The project was created to network like-minded people, mostly because the range of products available in normal shops and supermarkets is very limited, over-priced and hard to purchase in bulk. DATTESCO, you may ask, stays for Dates & More, in french the word Dates is Dattes, so Dattes & Co stays for Dattesco.

The central idea

behind DATTESCO is to endorse an alternative and holistic commerce that is transparent in all its aspects. We’re not just a “buying-selling” platform but commit to be fair & transparent in all business processes, whether its our clients, co-workers and business partners. We believe that each daily action and decisions influence the shape of this world for better or worse, hence we aim to steer it in a direction that is not lead by solely personal interests.

Why alternative commerce?

We see our clients as beings with a spirit and soul, but not only. Each person within the supply-chain is able to live in dignity and respect if we feed the right parameters. DATTESCO has chosen to not sell on the platforms like Amazon or Ebay (as an example), we do source our products with business partners that have high personal and professional standards, this holistic cycle might be small but can make a difference in the world. Different from the logics of modern companies we put ethics as fundamental core practice in our day to day affairs. What we bring to the tables are products that must be aligned with this values, selected with a criteria and deep commitment.

We are original we understand the products that we sell very good.

We don’t copy cat other companies, do not steal customer data, or act unethically or unlawful. There are no short-cuts to success.

Honesty: We don’t promise what we can’t back up, or make exaggerated claims.

We are reliable in the past year (out of 9) we experienced a severe logistic disservice that lead to unsatisfied customers. The occurrence effected our service, however we got back on track and rebuild our entire supply system 100% independently.

We are real all the advice and products we sell, are products we know and source with intelligence. While we encourage people to enjoy life we also encourage people to sharpen their critical sense, to be real, and to mirror this qualities in their private and professional relationships.

DATTESCO is unique. We’re not aiming to become the biggest, nor to live in a fancy mansion or drive luxurious cars, we’re aiming to offer a selection of products that we ourselves believe in, and would like you to try, at affordable prices!