We believe in fair and transparent food sourcing,  healthy food should be also affordable and non-compromised. In the course of our experiences we have been questioning ourselves to apply for organic certification, meeting different demands, customer responses and meetings we decided to propose a new way of commerce, DateCoop’s commerce, and embark on an alternative (shall we say non-conventional) route.

Whilst most the product we distribute and endorse are from organic & biodynamic agriculture, we also distribute 100% natural or non-bio products. The transparency of our product sourcing is firm, but our main goal has been always to build close relationship with our partners, clients.

Today, unfortunately, BIO is not necessarily the guarantee for food quality, despite that BIO has been an important step away from chemical industry, in recent years, due to policies and new regulation standards in agriculture, even BIO is compromised to serve often “not optimal food choices”.

What to do?

We decided to GO OUR OWN WAY and bypass third-party regulation, investing so our time and energy into what we believe: Relationships and Quality.

For this reason we created our own LABELLING POLICY which is categorised by different standards and ever-evolving. We want to promote small realities and also be pragmatic, at the end of the day we want to build relationships that are trustworthy and long-term spanned.

You can now download our LABELLING CHART to learn more about our new approach to

“BIO OR NOT BIO” here ->

Labelling policy

For any questions, feedback or suggestions feel free to contact us anytime. We are happy to hear from you!

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